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Some of my favourite adventures and memories I've had over the last couple of years.


My Year 2017

2017 was a year full of adventures, meeting new people and making amazing memories.  From exploring a hidden castle in the forests of Queensland, to sailing through the islands of Greece, take a journey through my entire year and experience all of the adventures I was fortunate enough to have.

A Journey through middle-earth

With my new found love of film making & photography, revisiting New Zealand was at the top of my list.  What made this holiday a total dream come true though, was visiting some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. 

Ranging from the incredible Hobbiton Movie Set & Milford Sound, to kayaking through crystal clear glacial waters, this is a holiday I'll never forget.

Sailing greece

Greece is a country I never even thought to visit, let alone spending the entire week on a boat sailing through it's islands.  However, when a small group of new found friends offered me their final spot with 2 months notice, I packed my bags for what was going to be an amazing summer adventure!

Top of the island

What better way to spend an afternoon than completing the Forts Walk and reaching one of the highest points on Magnetic Island just in time for sunset.

As the sun fell below the horizon, we kept the light alive with fire twirling and flares, all creating an amazing sight. 

Magnetic Island Thumbnail (No Boarder).jpg

Paronella Thumbnail (No Boarder).jpg

Paronella park

A long overdue day trip to a castle hidden in the forests of North Queensland, Australia.




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